About us

Welcome to M Sneakers, where passion meets style in the world of luxury sneakers and designer goods. What started as a hobby has now blossomed into a family-run business, fueled by our shared love for streetwear and footwear culture.

At the heart of M Sneakers is a story woven with dedication and enthusiasm. It all began as a personal quest to curate and share the finest sneakers and designer items, an endeavor that quickly evolved into a full-time pursuit. As a family, we decided to embark on this exciting journey together, bringing our unique perspectives and shared passion for street-inspired fashion to the forefront.

Meet the faces behind the brand: Pratik, the founder, whose initial hobby transformed into a thriving business. Lauren, his partner in both life and business, brings a discerning eye for luxury and style. Together, they form the backbone of M Sneakers, infusing it with a blend of expertise and a personal touch.

But M Sneakers is not just about the adults—our little fashion enthusiasts play an integral role too. Neeah at the tender age of 10, is already shaping her own sense of style and contributing her youthful energy to the brand. Meanwhile Aryan, at 5, adds a dash of innocence and playfulness to our dynamic team.

What sets us apart is not just the carefully curated selection of luxury sneakers and designer goods but the familial bond that permeates every aspect of our business. We believe in the power of fashion to unite generations, and our collections reflect this commitment—melding contemporary trends with timeless classics.

At M Sneakers we invite you to explore a curated world where passion, family, and style converge. Whether you're an avid sneakerhead or a fashion enthusiast, we're here to share our love for streetwear with you. Join us on this journey, where every purchase is not just a transaction but a shared moment of connection with a family that's truly passionate about what they do.